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About Us

About Us

Message from AlohaHands

aloha! thank you for visiting our homepage.


I am shinobu kuroyanagi the owner of aloha hands. I am very thankful by all the smiles of the customers who came to our salon for the third year after taking over this salon under the new team. This is a brief introduction of myself, I love animals and many activities. I have two daughters and an adopted cat, German Shepherd. When I have time,  I enjoy surfing with my daughters and I love DIY at home. A few years ago, I lost my husband to cancer. My whole life had changed and we started a new chapter. From that point on, I started to think about "health," more seriously and I am connected to the Aloha hands.


Hawaii has repeatedly been ranked number one as the healthiest state in the United States. Lomi Lomi Massage offered by Aloha Hands is one of the traditional Hawaiian relaxation. We will help you to regain a well-balanced body by healing body fatigue and stiffness that you will not notice by self-maintenance alone. There are customers who want to experience authentic Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, and those who are tired by moving more than usual in the tight travel schedule. I receive warm energy from all of you when I received the words "I felt happy, I was refreshed, my body felt lighter,".

And I feel very blessed when I could tell "Please enjoy Hawaii time" to our guests when they leave.


I am very happy if the time spent at our salon will be a little more than usual to meet yourself who is "healthy", and even after returning to everyday life, it will be an opportunity to think again at "what the real healthy life is"

Owner Shinobu Kuroyanagi

Contribution to our community / ALOHA OKURI

In English, there is a phrase saying “pay it forward”. It essentially means to help others. Usually, when someone does something for you, you want to help them out as repayment. But, to pay it forward means to pass on that help to somebody else instead. Aloha is a typical Hawaiian word to describe Hawaii. But, the meaning and action behind the word aloha are very similar to the saying “pay it forward”. In life, at some point, you will receive help from others and you can’t pay them back, or you lose your chance to pay them back. I myself have received so much Aloha in the past. Something as small as a text to check in on me, or as big as bringing dinner to my door. Thanks to all of the love from everyone around me, I was able to move forward. I received an overwhelming amount of aloha that I didn’t think I could give back to everyone. I started to get frustrated that I couldn’t give back the way I wanted to. But then, somebody told me, about the concept of paying it forward. At Aloha Hands, we offer massages for relaxation in return of the warm and positive energy. I wanted to give back and share this feeling to where others needed it in a different way, so I started a concept named Aloha Okuri.


In Aloha Okuri, I wanted to use some of our profit within the year to give to nonprofit organizations as donations. We will be donating about twice a year and will be doing all of our announcements related to this through our newsletters, blogs, and social media. Some of the nonprofits will include but not be limited to:

:medical science study area

:A support care system for grieving / struggling families

:Human and animal bond

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