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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Refresh your body with our relaxing Lomi Lomi and enjoy yourself with a lighter step!

About us

Aloha Hands celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2021 thanks to the support of our loyal customers and tourists.

We have more than 20 therapists, all of whom are veterans, and skilled in a variety of massage styles and techniques to suit your needs. With attentive hospitality, and reasonable prices, we hope to allow you to experience a massage filled with Aloha.

Refresh your body with our relaxing Lomi Lomi and enjoy yourself with a lighter step!

Your body, mind, and soul are all interconnected. Our goal is to deliver an experience that rejuvenates your body, refreshes your mind, and replenishes your soul. Through massage, you can experience all these things. Please allow us to support you in reaching your state of Aloha.

How to make a reservation

Please use the reservation form below or call us at (808)-551-0465

★If there are multiple people receiving massages, or if there are special requests, please specify who is receiving what massage
★Shiatsu may not be available, so please let us know at the time of reservation so we can confirm our availability.

To customers: Precautions when making reservations

  • Please come to the salon approximately 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.
  • Please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel your reservation or change your reservation for personal reasons. If you do not contact us, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Email: #(808)-551-0465

Your reservation has not been completed yet.
You have to pay a deposit to complete your reservation.
Confirm your request, We will send you an invoice.


Aloha Hands
Menu and Price

Receive the finest Lomi Lomi massage with healing and soothing music. You can enjoy your massage with another whether it be your significant other, friend, parents, etc. We also offer a room for one person, so please feel free to make a reservation just for you.

1. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
(Basic whole-body)

"Lomi Lomi" means "to convey love from rubbing and the palm of our hands", in Hawaiian. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a traditional healing massage that has been passed down for generations here in Hawaii.
Therapists use their warm, enveloping, gentle ‘Loving Touch’ to massage smoothly and rhythmically stimulating throughout the body, improving lymphatic flow and blood circulation while energizing your metabolism. This improves the function of nerves, muscles, and internal organs.
When you receive Lomi Lomi, the spiritual healing power "mana", works not only on your body but also on your mind, and you are relieved from any tension, so you can experience deep relaxation.

2. Lomi Lomi & Reflexology Course
(plus $5)

A regular Lomi Lomi massage will give you plenty of foot massage, but this course is for those who want more attention on their legs. Your feet have nerve groups that are connected to intestines and organs, and by stimulating them, it has the function of increasing the healing power of the body itself. Since the body is activated by the stimulation of the massage, it becomes easier to remove the accumulated waste products from the body, which leads to the recovery of fatigue from the whole body.
The swelling of the legs will be resolved, so the shoes you've been wearing will feel great after the massage is over!

3. Lomi Lomi & Facial & Scalp Course
(plus $5)

For the customers that want a facial done even if we’re not a full-fledged beauty salon. In addition to the usual Lomi Lomi course of the whole body, we will push acupoints and massage your scalp and face. It restores your tired eyes and overall face. The difference with Facial Plus is that it doesn’t include skincare and is done with your makeup on.

4. Shiatsu Japanese style
(plus $5 )

If you like shiatsu, and you don't like the rubbing and loosening system, this is the one for you. Japanese-style full-scale acupressure is a technique called Shiatsu, which uses normal pressure to press the acupuncture points with your hands and fingers along the meridian of Oriental medicine to regulate the flow of lymph to create a normal flow. There are several therapists at Aloha Hands who are good at shiatsu, so if you let us know when you make a reservation, we will be able to adjust schedules.

5. Lomi Lomi + aroma course
(plus $5)

When you combine Lomi Lomi and aromatherapy, you can expect a surprising synergistic effect. Due to the effects of various plant-rich essential oils, they can heal physical disorders, promote health, and even have beauty effects!
The essential oils are absorbed into your blood vessels from your skin, into your brain from the nasal cavity, conditioning your autonomic nerves and providing comfortable healing.


Terms and Conditions

□ At Aloha Hands, a Hawaii State Licensed Therapist will perform the treatment for both instore massages and outcall massages.
□ Please understand, Aloha Hands treatments are intended to provide relaxation and refreshment to customers, and are not meant for medical treatments.

□Prohibitions: If any of the following apply, the massage will be paused or ended. All charges will be applied to the cancellation fee, and no refunds will be given. Also, please note that we may call the police if we determine that it is necessary.
・Sexullay suggestive or actions or comments
・Statements or actions that make the therapist feel unsafe or uncomfortable
・Criminal acts such as voyeur and wiretapping

□ Please note that the treatment time may be shortened if the customer is late for appointment
□ Unfortunately, we do not offer massages for pregnant women.
□ At Aloha Hands, we may have to refuse massage services for any of the following cases - those who are pregnant, have heart disease/diabetes, have infectious disease/skin diseases, or have other serious illnesses and are currently undergoing medical treatment by a doctor. Please be forewarned.
□ Please contact us 24 hours before the date and time of your reservation. Please note that a full cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations within a 24 hour period prior to your massage due to personal reasons.
□Please note that we will not be liable for any refund or loss of valuables after payment.


Location and Hours